Founded in & proudly serving Omaha

What makes us different?

We demand better


We are an exclusive club of like-minded individuals fed up with status quo in travel experiences.


We bring the consistency to your travel so there is no guessing what the experience will be like.

Step into our sleek black car with an open invitation, enveloped in calming music and bottled water waiting just for you. Our professionally employed chauffeur will ensure your comfort is paramount during your travels… all provided at humane prices.

The Bergenoff Way

Book in Advance

Confidently book your trip 24 hours & up to 4 months ahead.

Access to Our App

Get access to our travel app for iOS and Android with your membership.

Single Trip Bookings

Our services are booked on a point-to-point basis, not hourly.

No Rush Travel

Enjoy your experience! For safety and comport we have a no speeding policy.

15 Minute Wait Times

We know sometimes you need a little extra time. Breathe easy with built-in wait time, allowing for life’s little surprises.

Roadside Flexibility

We understand that unexpected stops can be necessary during your journey. With our built-in 15-minute grace period for each trip, your chauffeur will accommodate your request for a brief stop, as long as they fall within the allocated time and do not deviate from the planned route.

Charging Cables

Charging cables for iPhone & Android are available on trips.

Secure Food Storage

Our vehicles come equipped with clean, thermally insulated containers, ensuring safe and hygienic transportation for leftovers, cooked meals, and any other perishable items you may need to bring along.

Personalized Music

Revel in personalized satellite radio, setting the perfect mood for every ride

Keeping it Clean

We focus on keeping our vehicles clean and sanitized. We do not allow smoking, drinking without a lid, or full meals in our vehicles to help keep the vehicles as odor free as possible. This is another reason we off a clean secure food bin in the trunk.

Speak Up

This is your club! Take control of your experience—car temperature, windows, music, and more. If anything falls short of your expectations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Be Excellent To Each Other

This is our philosophy of life and in our club. Let’s treat each other with dignity and respect.

Multi-Stop Bookings

Make up to 4 stops in a single booking with ease.

Airport Tracking

In-bound flights are tracked by airline & flight number, Bergenoff will do its best to track your flight along the way so your arrival is smooth regardless of what happens in the air.

Available 24/7

Trips are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, with limited blackout dates per our “Terms of Service” for ultimate flexibility when planning.

Last Minute Cancellations

Cancel up to 1 hour in advance, worry-free.

VIP Door-to-Door Service

Indulge in luxury as our chauffeurs greet you, assist with bags, and open doors.

Water Bottle Available

Bring Guests

The road can be fun with friends and family.  Bring as many guests as seats available as long as you are present. Children are allowed. You must provide your own car & booster seat as required by law.

Absolute Privacy & Confidentiality

Relish private conversations with your guests, on the phone, or with your chauffeur, knowing your privacy is our top priority. We strictly prohibit recording devices and emphasize chauffeur discretion. What’s shared in our vehicle stays there, and we never disclose our members’ personal information.

Exceptionally Trained Chauffeur

Our commitment to your experience is crucial. We engage closely with our chauffeurs, honing their skills in key areas to deliver consistent, personalized trips. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our training.

Our biggest focus is on SAFETY

Your safety is our utmost concern. Our chauffeurs undergo rigorous background checks, encompassing global, national, driving records and more. By partnering with a reputable third-party vendor, we relentlessly pursue the highest standards of safety and security for your peace of mind. The NSC helps guide us in this principle.

We believe in paying good wages, offer benefits and cultivating a better environment that doesn’t push drivers to travel faster simply to try and make another buck.

The average cost of luxury car service is north of $150 per trip.

Rideshare services can range upwards of $50 or more per trip.

By working together, as a club, we’re able to provide you the safety, luxury & privacy you deserve at a price dramatically less than competing limousine companies.

We are a month to month club with no long term contract. Monthly dues are billed on teh first of every month, which opens your next batch of trips.

There are no roll over trips. Additional booking will be billed separately once a month within 10 days of the following month.

Join the club today, pick your starting month & enjoy the difference with Bergenoff.

Our services are currently
available to & from

  •   Omaha
  •   Elkhorn
  •   Waterloo
  •   Gretna
  •   Bennington
  •   Ralston
  •   Papillion
  •   LaVista
  •   Bellevue
  •   Council Bluffs